A poet, artist, and web consultant, I pour words into keyboards to realize dreams and catalysts that live in the muse want to find their way to our eyes and ears, our minds and hearts, sharing stories of might, whimsy, and love.

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  1. Dear All, my name is Agatha Seymour, I am a writer. My first English language book came out on amazon.com (Agatha Seymour: Till life do us part). The theme of the book is love, relationships – in a few words – the most inspiring theme to write, paint… about. Artists are the most sensitive ones, I would be happy if you would share Your thoughts about my topic.

    “Yeah, I’ve been in love many times. I have been madly in love where it all worked out for a while. Occasionally, my love was unrequited; but all in all one factor has remained true: the relationships ended so quickly. I’ve never really had a problem with me feeling it was going on too long. However, I could never accept the other version. I just simply couldn’t understand how he could have gotten bored with me, left and basically treated me like that. Either I just stood and stared numb as he walked away, or I tried to get one last grip on him, leaving a pathetic slimy trail in my wake like a slug.
    As time went by, my feelings eased up a bit regarding the subject and, as I found my voice as a writer, my approach to relationships changed, but there is one painful issue that I’ve experienced myself many times and, as I look about me, I can see that most women have faced this very same question at one point or another. It goes like this: what on earth turned that fascinating, enchanting woman of his dreams, whom he’d rescue from the seven pits of hell, whom he’d do anything for, into someone who eventually ends up cheated and abandoned? And what can we do to avoid such situations in the future? The question does deserve a few words, doesn’t it?”

    1. Hi Agatha,

      Can you tell me why a woman abandons a man? A man who would rescue the enchanting woman of his dreams, would give up something sacred to bestow at her feet, only to have her slam the door in his face with no explanation other than “NO!”

      1. Because what enchanted him was an illusion of her creation. The same can be said of abandoned women. Many humans create illusions of another, and others create illusions of themselves. I simply wish everyone was more ‘real’.

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