In who you are,
What you can do.
Open your mind
and possibilities
will flood in.

Remember who you are
And where you came from.
Remember all the people
And keep all your friends.

Believe and take action.
Believe and live life.
Believe and risk yourself.
Risk and know what is possible.

a big blow

You say you want to know me
but I don’t know really why
With my passion running deeply
I’m chasing after the sky

We end up getting married
It works okay for awhile
Then you want to be carried
Giving me a tired smile

My heart has become heavy
You don’t wanna be my wife
Cause I want to fly Baby
And you want a different life

I won’t live on the surface Baby
I want to go deeper inside
Don’t even think of saying maybe
Because there you can still hide

It’s now or never sweetheart
And you ask me to let you go
Saying good-bye is the hard part
And my heart takes the big blow

life bitter-sweet

Gazing down into the rich creamy darkness
remembering this emptiness in daily life
textured rich in this chocolate fondue
staring lost in the black glistening nothingness
swallowed by the thick creamy melt-in-your-mouth
savoured taste of life diminished bite by bite until
a pleasant bitter-sweet after taste and empty wrapper
recalls the solitude lost on the breeze of the afternoon
the wrapper whisked away to litter the landscape
of scattered debris of so many untouched lives
discarded empty fluttering with every hopeful wisp of wind
caressing the fields until again the sun goes down
the darkness hiding their presence out of sight
figments of imagination that didn’t really matter
obscured thoughts that never end
even though forgotten
mourning the loss of love crying for an embrace
of security wanting to know reality exists
when existence of this life is unknown
but I can know I am textured rich
understood nothingness and have experienced
creamy melt-in-your-mouth love

© 2005 Lee Down


Walking around through life today
looking for a life of meaning,
I’m watching people and wonder:
Does it seem we’re all play-acting?

I’m led to believe it’s all a game
with dressed up images and plastic smiles.
A mask of confidence to brave the world,
fulfillment found in the emptiness.

Returning home to a small cocoon,
the private inner-world to create sanity.
Obsessed with pets and mindless TV,
living vicariously, dreams of adventure.

Hiding away behind a confident mask
they’re pretending to be fully alive,
but I see the fear behind their eyes
when I give them my smile of freedom.

What are they hiding? What’s the fear?
That keeps them living smaller lives?
Keeping them down and all alone?
Our communities crack from disconnect.

In the city so big, pockets collapse
as people move real life offline,
with virtual communities and relationship,
sitting alone in front of a computer.

There is nobody warm and caring,
to laugh and cry in complete humility.
The cynical existence replaced authenticity,
hidden and protected behind the screen.

Who am I now, what is missing?
The void inside screaming all the while;
to feel another presence connected deeply;
to know I am here and really alive.

this kiss

A faint memory stains my vision
but the body remembers exquisitely
for more addiction to develop erotic
demands the attention in solitude
screaming passion electric undercurrent
stimulating pheromone cologne
and a fiery belly shivering down
to groan the delicious whispers
of fantasy found in starburst red
wet slick juicy full lips ripe with desire
tasted lightly slightly tracing tongue
upon the whimpers plead for more
to further explore with torturous tease
touching lightly your lips aflower
soft fuzzy touches, flicks, and kisses
blinded oblivious with divinity’s pleasure
blends all creation and all exists as one
time stood still
blood pulse
thumping rushing
you shiver and ache
legs quake, eyes wonder shocked
could there be more

grow love grow

A small tear drops
expressing the depth
of emotion to be known
you bring to my heart
each treasure, each piece of gold.
You, you and you, jewels and gems to behold
as the life, our stories, unfold
love shared is consoled.

You inspire in me
that which I AM
knowing my heart
the depths of my soul.
In its pains and sorrows shared
you show me that you cared
and listened to the stories I aired.
How could I continue to be scared?

A privilege it is
to be here with you all
doing life together
how can any of us fall.
Arm in arm we will go
even though the way be slow
friendship’s warm-wind will blow
feeling the love grow.

virus man

The massive peaks
Stared down at me
A man of destruction
Builder of cities
Noise and pollution
A sense of guilt
Washes over me
As I see the rubble
Ancestors laid to waste
Of our mother’s purity
Now stripped bare
Scarred remains
Littering the landscape
Ever changing
As woven tentacles
Which cling to earth
Having ripped away
Her mighty strength