life’s bitter-sweet ecstacy

Gazing down, the creamy rich darkness remembered
the moments emptiness, textured rich, staring lost,
the black glistening nothingness swallowed thickly.

Creamy melt-in-your-mouth savoured taste of life
diminished bite by bite left a pleasant bitter-sweet
after taste, and empty wrapper to recall the solitude.

Lost on the breeze of the afternoon, whisked away,
the scattered debris had so many untouched lives
litter the landscape, discarded, empty, and fluttering.

Every hopeful wisp of wind caressed the fields until
again the sun went down to darkness, a hidden presence,
and figments of imagination that have no matter.

Obscured thoughts never end, though forgotten,
mourn loss of love, and cry for a secure embrace;
to know reality exists in the unknown life illusion.

It was there I discovered a life was textured rich,
and came nothingness understood to experience
creamy melt-in-your-mouth love, bitter-sweet.

© Lee Down 2007

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