life bitter-sweet

Gazing down into the rich creamy darkness
remembering this emptiness in daily life
textured rich in this chocolate fondue
staring lost in the black glistening nothingness
swallowed by the thick creamy melt-in-your-mouth
savoured taste of life diminished bite by bite until
a pleasant bitter-sweet after taste and empty wrapper
recalls the solitude lost on the breeze of the afternoon
the wrapper whisked away to litter the landscape
of scattered debris of so many untouched lives
discarded empty fluttering with every hopeful wisp of wind
caressing the fields until again the sun goes down
the darkness hiding their presence out of sight
figments of imagination that didn’t really matter
obscured thoughts that never end
even though forgotten
mourning the loss of love crying for an embrace
of security wanting to know reality exists
when existence of this life is unknown
but I can know I am textured rich
understood nothingness and have experienced
creamy melt-in-your-mouth love

© 2005 Lee Down

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