Blinding Insanity

You would feel more relaxed,
you wouldn’t be quick to judge
if only you could — understand me.

Meet my friend, Mr. Insanity.

He crept out of the closet,
the dark recesses of my mind,
to visit with a reminder:

Be careful, or you will be — blinder.

And let out a blood-curdling laugh!

© 2005 Lee Down


world pain

I see what I want to ignore
Unable to hide from it anymore
My happy face has gone away
And now I don’t want to go out and play

There are people starving
With many more in pain and dying
No real homes for warmth or shelter
Our world has become helter skelter

Sitting here on a soft warm bed
I can’t get their pain out of my head
I wish there was something I could do
But I don’t know and neither do you

© 2005-2012


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There was a time

I knew everything and danced with the stars in the early morning light.
I knew there would be long glorious experiences of sheer joy each day.
I knew I could laugh, smile, and easily forget the past moment for this present.
I knew, and I didn’t even know. Now I know I knew, and no longer know.

Walk Alone

I walk alone
following many years of footsteps
that have left indelible marks
upon a psyche cracked forevermore
with reflections of the world insane
inside, outside, alone till death do we part
echoes left deaf and cold upon the beat