this world

Everyday, getting smaller and smaller
Hearing the screams of pain and agony
The suffering continues
As mankind evolves
But into what?
Atrocities and virtue collide
In a constant battle
As two bighorn sheep
Dueling it out on mountaintop
A thundering crash on impact
Sending a shiver down the spine of society
Trying to make a better place
Will good overcome evil
Or will a blind eye be turned?
Ignoring the crimes committed
Against helpless people
Nuclear fallout, civil wars and terrorism
Destroying a fragile web
The spider must rebuild again and again

One thought on “this world”

  1. Hi Albert,
    Excellent insight you have.
    And to think you were inspired to write this in the 90’s. The world has since been on an accelerated spiral down the proverbrial drain. (Did I spell that right? LoL) Take care.

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