feathers ahead

they took flight into the light
birds of a feather flocking together
once soared in physical form
now embarks toward the light
instead of what might

what fate awaits those — left behind

3 thoughts on “feathers ahead”

  1. I am not really sure HOW I stumbled onto your poem.
    Several years ago I requested my Granddaughter to call me GrandFeathers.

    Not because I did not like being called Grandma or Grandmother etc.

    I just wanted her to remember me as soft feathers of the light. A place where little people can be held by arms of comfort and love.

    Your poem sums up so much of my personal beliefs….

    TKS, for the joy of reading my core beliefs on the wild west we call the internet. A place where so very often the most quoted are the crude, unpolished, and the lack of vision or lack of love bottom feeders of our time.

  2. I love this. I don’t know what spiritual background you come at your poetry from, but this fits well with my beliefs. Beautiful, simple and profound.

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