before you go please

warning: steamy and hot to handle. Proceed with caution!

Wake me up before you go please
Stroke my head gently and easily
I’ll stir slowly coming awake
Gimme a kiss before you go please
I wanna taste your honey sweetness
A beautiful flower all sticky and sweet
Gimme a taste before you go please
The gentle caress and salty kiss
Tasting honey before moving on top
Aroused and awake eyes full of you
Gimme some before you go please
Soft wet flesh salty sweet
My tongue caresses your love petals
I want you before you go please
A shiver of ecstacy, exquisite delight
Your lips wrap me up oh so tight
Throbbing, quivering, Oh my God
Waves of pleasure wash all over me
Let us join before you go please
Mouths watering and sweetly wet
Tongues and lips tasting each other
Shifting hips, legs all scrambling
Gliding inside slowly and easily
Oh so wet before you go please
Filling you inside you surround me
All hot slippery and juicy wet
Each thrust slow deliberate and controlled
Allowing pleasure to completely take hold
Release me before you go please
Arm in arm, lips to lips
Tongues entwined and hip to hip
Thrusting in unison we continue to climb
The sensation surrounds completely around
Head to toe and top to bottom
Back to back and front to front
Tingling, shivering and quivering
I’m undone by you as you scream
Hug me tight before you go please


Sitting in a park
On the mountain
I see the grandeur
God has granted us
In the mountains, ocean
Inlets and trees
Then on closer inspection
I really get to see
The beauty of the branches
The spider web
Stretched between the leaves
Dangling below, in the hunters stance
He slowly dances
With the breeze
The blade of grass
The ferns perfection
The attention to detail
For all to breathe

surviving life

What is it with me
That I sit alone
Night after night

Meeting beautiful women
With brains and something
That shines in their eyes

A lucky man am I?
So much to say, to think
About what
I know not
Til something gives
In to my foresight
Or alas too late
My hindsight

I feel I know not what
Nor wherefor
Deep down inside
Emotions too turbulent
To enjoy the ride
I see in me
So much to share
But too much to hold
So push it back
To hide
Deep down inside

But alas,
I try and try
To hold back and fight
But the strength I find
Welling up inside
Bursts forth
Disappointed with what
I see
I feel
I hear

Suffering of a city
Of a family
Now dead
All around
So much of each of us
Left to die
In our own fight
To stay alive

Can anyone see?
A sense to it?
Any of it?
What it is?
Tis what?

Am I strange
Or are they
That walk in fear
For somewhere to hide

Asleep I must be
For a nightmare
This seems
Not right it is
Or strange
It would not seem

Look at a neighbor
Across the street
Or seated in a car
Right next to you

They don’t look back
They only react
To the stress
Each day
As they lose their mind

Being alone
As I am
I see for sure
We need each other!


Ponder yonder
into the night
wee hours of morn

To see and wander
the landscape of thought
wildness of mind

Emotions embodied
spirit somewhere inside
soul integration

Where does the road go
one may wonder
thinking this life


a life alive?

Walking around through life today
looking for a life of meaning,
I’m watching people and wonder:
Does it seem we’re all play-acting?

I’m led to believe it’s all a game
with dressed up images and plastic smiles.
A mask of confidence to brave the world,
fulfillment found in the emptiness.

Returning home to a small cocoon,
the private inner-world to create sanity.
Obsessed with pets and mindless TV,
living vicariously, dreams of adventure.

Hiding away behind a confident mask
they’re pretending to be fully alive,
but I see the fear behind their eyes
when I give them my smile of freedom.

What are they hiding? What’s the fear?
That keeps them living smaller lives?
Keeping them down and all alone?
Our communities crack from disconnect.

In the city so big, pockets collapse
as people move real life offline,
with virtual communities and relationship,
sitting alone in front of a computer.

There is nobody warm and caring,
to laugh and cry in complete humility.
The cynical existence replaced authenticity,
hidden and protected behind the screen.

Who am I now, what is missing?
The void inside screaming all the while;
to feel another presence connected deeply;
to know I am here and really alive.

this world

Everyday, getting smaller and smaller
Hearing the screams of pain and agony
The suffering continues
As mankind evolves
But into what?
Atrocities and virtue collide
In a constant battle
As two bighorn sheep
Dueling it out on mountaintop
A thundering crash on impact
Sending a shiver down the spine of society
Trying to make a better place
Will good overcome evil
Or will a blind eye be turned?
Ignoring the crimes committed
Against helpless people
Nuclear fallout, civil wars and terrorism
Destroying a fragile web
The spider must rebuild again and again


A quiet giggle
A shy smile
Holding hands
Twinkling eyes
Sniff it in
A glorious fragrance
You smell
You feel
Veins screaming
Blood pumping
You grab hold
Hugging tightly
With a kiss
Made lightly
Breathe in again
Inhaling more
The room spins
As you gasp
For air
Nose twitching
Wanting more
So you hold on
On the edge
Grabbing on
In an embrace
You kiss
Deep, longingly
In fantasy
Too good to be true
Is it real
Or hallucination
Eyes closing
Tongue reaching
Searching for more
The scent
Creates desire
For more
Holding on
To the bed
Over the edge
The drug, love

living paradise

Eking out a living in this paradise
Gimme Johnny Walker, neat, no ice
A few more of those I’ll be alright
Getting me through a long slow night

Twisted pains to death line my face
Another chance tomorrow, my saving grace
I’m here to fight, never say die
Always chasing truth, never a lie

Smile for me Baby I’m here for you
Whatever it takes you know I’ll do
You know my dirty secret I can’t hide
That’s why I get with you, deep down inside

Wake up everyday glad to be alive
Another day of earning a nine-to-five
Soul is not for sale, just a man for hire
The dream is alive, you can’t kill the fire

Eking out a living in this paradise
Gimme Johnny Walker, neat, no ice
A few more of those I’ll be alright
Getting me through a long slow night

soul healer

Kiss me, kiss me true
kiss me deep when I’m blue
heal all my warm wet tears
salted sweet over the years
tasted lightly on your tongue
the dream to be forever young
a salty taste of bitter-sweet
a glorious chance we did meet
arm in arm and heart to heart
you’re my heaven, my sweetheart
your touch so soft as to care
the pain gone, no more nightmare
as I feel your loving balm
peace restored my soul to calm
Kiss me, kiss me true
kiss me deep when I’m blue