before you go please

warning: steamy and hot to handle. Proceed with caution!

Wake me up before you go please
Stroke my head gently and easily
I’ll stir slowly coming awake
Gimme a kiss before you go please
I wanna taste your honey sweetness
A beautiful flower all sticky and sweet
Gimme a taste before you go please
The gentle caress and salty kiss
Tasting honey before moving on top
Aroused and awake eyes full of you
Gimme some before you go please
Soft wet flesh salty sweet
My tongue caresses your love petals
I want you before you go please
A shiver of ecstacy, exquisite delight
Your lips wrap me up oh so tight
Throbbing, quivering, Oh my God
Waves of pleasure wash all over me
Let us join before you go please
Mouths watering and sweetly wet
Tongues and lips tasting each other
Shifting hips, legs all scrambling
Gliding inside slowly and easily
Oh so wet before you go please
Filling you inside you surround me
All hot slippery and juicy wet
Each thrust slow deliberate and controlled
Allowing pleasure to completely take hold
Release me before you go please
Arm in arm, lips to lips
Tongues entwined and hip to hip
Thrusting in unison we continue to climb
The sensation surrounds completely around
Head to toe and top to bottom
Back to back and front to front
Tingling, shivering and quivering
I’m undone by you as you scream
Hug me tight before you go please

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