surviving life

What is it with me
That I sit alone
Night after night

Meeting beautiful women
With brains and something
That shines in their eyes

A lucky man am I?
So much to say, to think
About what
I know not
Til something gives
In to my foresight
Or alas too late
My hindsight

I feel I know not what
Nor wherefor
Deep down inside
Emotions too turbulent
To enjoy the ride
I see in me
So much to share
But too much to hold
So push it back
To hide
Deep down inside

But alas,
I try and try
To hold back and fight
But the strength I find
Welling up inside
Bursts forth
Disappointed with what
I see
I feel
I hear

Suffering of a city
Of a family
Now dead
All around
So much of each of us
Left to die
In our own fight
To stay alive

Can anyone see?
A sense to it?
Any of it?
What it is?
Tis what?

Am I strange
Or are they
That walk in fear
For somewhere to hide

Asleep I must be
For a nightmare
This seems
Not right it is
Or strange
It would not seem

Look at a neighbor
Across the street
Or seated in a car
Right next to you

They don’t look back
They only react
To the stress
Each day
As they lose their mind

Being alone
As I am
I see for sure
We need each other!

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