Walk Alone

I walk alone
following many years of footsteps
that have left indelible marks
upon a psyche cracked forevermore
with reflections of the world insane
inside, outside, alone till death do we part
echoes left deaf and cold upon the beat

injustice survives and thrives

professionals disagree, each to their degree
the honors bestowed upon minds of brilliance
chained to the doctrine of clubs, social, school
we will not agree, other than to disagree

not to build that bridge to close the gaps
between separated minds and epiphany
do not crumble the ivory towers hiding
truth of injustice left untold to unfold

maintenance of the status quo elusive
a mirage suggesting change loses
play the cards and pull the poker
a bluff populace again the joker

i came alone

walking the streets
everywhere I meet
even on the Internet
a virtual superhighway

rest stops don’t exist
peace from calamity disguised
there is no place to go
nowhere to run and hide

the parade of messages
to condition my mind
to furnish my emotions
to answer the final prayers

sell me, sell me,
i am not my own
just another commodity
to push and pawn or own

the burning bush

we took him so literally
the bush of fire that spoke
little we knew of psychosis
and verbosity it spew

laid before the maiden fair
upon the heated desert fire
the insanity of man’s mind
claimed more than retired

the species onset to course
slavery of a different mind
to ideals and ‘voices’ called god
the alpha, the omega

she was on fire!

© 2010

bleeding deeds, life’s lust

I lead with my heart, letting deeds bleed me cold.
The cruelty of form and substance was told,
teach this boy to be a man, to claw and cling for every scrap,
this life is our trap and rapture, and all the bleeding a must to trust.
Launch yourself into oblivion, again and again unknowingly lost,
seeking to find the innocence that slowly disappears in the dust.
A phoenix you will be, one day near or far, and from the ashes,
what was dust-to-dust will thrust ever skyward with life’s lust.
Retrospect vainly will know that the truth was ever thus.

creative commons license attribution *Lee Down, 2010


In who you are,
What you can do.
Open your mind
and possibilities
will flood in.

Remember who you are
And where you came from.
Remember all the people
And keep all your friends.

Believe and take action.
Believe and live life.
Believe and risk yourself.
Risk and know what is possible.