mirror man

Can you hide from it anymore?
Holier than he thou art?
I think not, yet
You parade yourself
With false airs.

“Don’t look at me that way!”
you say
I say, “Why?
Aren’t thou thine friend?”

Oh, I did not know
Thou keeps us all apart
No one ever to come close
We must all keep a distance
For if too close we get
We know not what
These feelings are

Does no one know where
Their true heart lies?
Is it confusion in thine soul?
Has thine heart been so
Profoundly bled
By hurts and betrayals of others?

Dous thou not know tis human nature?
That thou also has caused betrayal?
Ah! I thinketh a connection has thou made
Thy knows thine own true nature
Assuming the nature to be true for thine brothers
Thou art suspect of all
For thou are suspect also

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