dichotomous truth

Refined ignorant masses of sexual beasts
Controlled existence to behave civilized
Locked in the prison of every mind
The fantasies of truth subverting lives
Questions of insanity always abound
Creating chaotic confusion in doubt
The facade growing heavier with time
Weight collapsing as cracks crumble
Unable to withstand the growing appetite
Left untended deep within the mind
The body agonized in unmet satisfaction
Suppressed too long trying to be civilized
The confusing array of fantasy imagination
Bubbles forth in the stormy sea of emotion
To yell, scream the agony, ecstasy frustrated
Unraveled tonight the beast prowls daylight
Sniffing the hunt with an appraising eye
For the delicacies and morsels of pure delight
Who parade their charms in mock innocence
Twittering and skittering as if in dismay
Eyes dancing with mischievous twinkling
Their rawness need is waiting to be filled
With the monster of penetrating power
To impregnate the seed of creations truth
We swallow our identity in civilized horror

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