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My mind and life are coming alive once again
to share scattered thoughts of
random order and chaos of disorder.

There is magic in words, in mind,
in sight, in everything we do.
What can be conceived can be believed
as so much of what is, once never was.

We are Gods, we are creation,
we are here constantly creating.
Each waking moment creating our reality
seemingly unreal when the pain is so unbearable and
the reality so surreal in times of ecstasy.

Our minds are powerful beyond measure
conducting maybe 20% of what is possible.
What greater symphony might be experienced
if we could access the complete orchestra?

The music of our lives hits lows so low
too often it seems the highs so far
in the distant past as to be almost
unbelievable when experienced again.

And yet, there is still so much that is possible
for us meagre beings inhabiting a small part
of such a big universe that can hardly
be fathomed so we don’t even acknowledge,

preferring instead to stay in our head,
creating our own little world, of which we
are the masters of the universe,
the centre of all creation and attention.

And yet, even so, we are creatures of God,
honoring our gifts through creation of our lives.
The real question to be asked;
are you of service or disservice?

The challenge of being
less of you to experience
more of you and and life.
What a powerful concept.

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