what is love

Spirit is Love. Love for God. Love for Creation. Love for Self. Love for Others. Love and Spirit are inseparable, clumsy in this material world; clumsy in thought, word, and action, but powerful beyond measure. Love is authentic and truthful; it is not an emotion alone. It is far more: It is a connection to the everlasting source of life. It creates an energetic force that courses through our spiritual being causing a sensation of bursting us wide-open. This divine force, so unknown and untapped in our lifetime overwhelms us with love, blinding us to the intention of the gift. Rather than openly sharing, we wish to hoard the gift and sensation, sharing with no one. The gift of love is to be given, not taken, nor to be solely shared with one single individual. It is a life-giving energy that transcends all situations, elevating the life experience of our spiritual selves.

How do we as simple human-beings, so untrained and under-developed in the spiritual realms, learn to let this powerful force flow? It catches in my being, in my breath, in my heart. I wish to hang onto it, to someone else’s, hoping for it to never change. Other times, it brings such pain. The opening chasm aches for all the pain and hurt being experienced in the world all around me. And yet, I know, and have experienced, the truth of its undying source; it’s ever-flowing ability. If only I could sustain that peak. The paradox of being human and spirit; of wanting more and wanting less; of wanting it all and of wanting nothing; of needing companionship and needing to be alone; of wanting love and yet, to still taste hate.

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