dichotomous truth

Refined ignorant masses of sexual beasts
Controlled existence to behave civilized
Locked in the prison of every mind
The fantasies of truth subverting lives
Questions of insanity always abound
Creating chaotic confusion in doubt
The facade growing heavier with time
Weight collapsing as cracks crumble
Unable to withstand the growing appetite
Left untended deep within the mind
The body agonized in unmet satisfaction
Suppressed too long trying to be civilized
The confusing array of fantasy imagination
Bubbles forth in the stormy sea of emotion
To yell, scream the agony, ecstasy frustrated
Unraveled tonight the beast prowls daylight
Sniffing the hunt with an appraising eye
For the delicacies and morsels of pure delight
Who parade their charms in mock innocence
Twittering and skittering as if in dismay
Eyes dancing with mischievous twinkling
Their rawness need is waiting to be filled
With the monster of penetrating power
To impregnate the seed of creations truth
We swallow our identity in civilized horror

mirror man

Can you hide from it anymore?
Holier than he thou art?
I think not, yet
You parade yourself
With false airs.

“Don’t look at me that way!”
you say
I say, “Why?
Aren’t thou thine friend?”

Oh, I did not know
Thou keeps us all apart
No one ever to come close
We must all keep a distance
For if too close we get
We know not what
These feelings are

Does no one know where
Their true heart lies?
Is it confusion in thine soul?
Has thine heart been so
Profoundly bled
By hurts and betrayals of others?

Dous thou not know tis human nature?
That thou also has caused betrayal?
Ah! I thinketh a connection has thou made
Thy knows thine own true nature
Assuming the nature to be true for thine brothers
Thou art suspect of all
For thou are suspect also

words razorsharp

To those sensitive loving souls who take it all in.

Razor sharp
And icy steel
Slicing abdomens
As they are
In a breath
Of singing fire
Power and glory
Thorny roses
Stuffed into the ears
Of the audience
Too quiet
They listen
In pain
Clenched teeth
Teardrops rolling
Scarlet red
Thick and syrupy
“hit me,” I say, “hit me!”
and the torrential rains
of punishing vowels, consonants
intended to sever,
to separate,
a heart
with white glory
sunshine and dew
cool and crisp
those words continue
to cut away

let me be me

There is a sadness in my heart today
It’s heavy, hard, and ready to break
“It will be freedom,” I’d like to say
A life to live I would like to take

Standing tall and unafraid
People taking issue as they want
No change in me as a band-aid
Cause who I am is not a taunt

I am a man living in heat
Sex and life feed my creativity
If you don’t like it take a seat
It’s all you can do to let me be me

I know I am human in all it entails
The dark and light of humanity
Exist in me within all the details
All of life’s coarseness embraced by me


It descends softly
Enveloping slowly
With a million tiny gems
Sparkling in the mines
Of your minds eye
Creating a warmth
Of peace and serenity

Lying there still
Waiting, in the darkness
For the escape
That awaits you
Drifting slowly
With the ebbing tide
Of time and distance
No longer a reality

Thoughts become dreams
Dreams become reality
Running from the demons
To find your sanctuary
Of magnificence and grandeur
That will protect and warm
The battered heart and soul
That has fought the real world
And spirits of the night

grow love grow

A small tear drops
expressing the depth
of emotion to be known
you bring to my heart
each treasure, each piece of gold.
You, you and you, jewels and gems to behold
as the life, our stories, unfold
love shared is consoled.

You inspire in me
that which I AM
knowing my heart
the depths of my soul.
In its pains and sorrows shared
you show me that you cared
and listened to the stories I aired.
How could I continue to be scared?

A privilege it is
to be here with you all
doing life together
how can any of us fall.
Arm in arm we will go
even though the way be slow
friendship’s warm-wind will blow
feeling the love grow.

what is love

Spirit is Love. Love for God. Love for Creation. Love for Self. Love for Others. Love and Spirit are inseparable, clumsy in this material world; clumsy in thought, word, and action, but powerful beyond measure. Love is authentic and truthful; it is not an emotion alone. It is far more: It is a connection to the everlasting source of life. It creates an energetic force that courses through our spiritual being causing a sensation of bursting us wide-open. This divine force, so unknown and untapped in our lifetime overwhelms us with love, blinding us to the intention of the gift. Rather than openly sharing, we wish to hoard the gift and sensation, sharing with no one. The gift of love is to be given, not taken, nor to be solely shared with one single individual. It is a life-giving energy that transcends all situations, elevating the life experience of our spiritual selves.

How do we as simple human-beings, so untrained and under-developed in the spiritual realms, learn to let this powerful force flow? It catches in my being, in my breath, in my heart. I wish to hang onto it, to someone else’s, hoping for it to never change. Other times, it brings such pain. The opening chasm aches for all the pain and hurt being experienced in the world all around me. And yet, I know, and have experienced, the truth of its undying source; it’s ever-flowing ability. If only I could sustain that peak. The paradox of being human and spirit; of wanting more and wanting less; of wanting it all and of wanting nothing; of needing companionship and needing to be alone; of wanting love and yet, to still taste hate.